Reliable construction.
On time and on budget.
For 22 years we've been remodeling homes in San Francisco.
We know our way around building department and rely on own crews to do the job, so our time and price estimates are accurate.
Do you need a quality remodeling?
Quickly and at a good price?
Usually contractors deliver only two of these.
But you can rely on us to deliver all three:
quality, speed and price.
Really good quality work, always
Own crews
We do not hire accidental people or subcontractors. With over 20 employees on payroll and dozens of specialty contractors, who have been working together for decades, we are always sure of the quality of performed jobs.
For twenty two years we have build our remodeling business on customers' referrals. We know that a short term gain from a sloppy job never worth the reputation damage. So we never rush, and if something has to be done quick, we start early and leave late.
Quality Control
Three step quality assurance. First, crew members check the quality. Then Project manager makes sure they have not missed anything. Finally CEO of the company makes sure every detail is perfect, so you don't have to.
Things done fast, outstandingly fast
Good planing
We thoroughly plan our work to avoid surprise jobs, which cause sudden delays. We know our way around building department rules and sail through permit process. We schedule inspections in advance and pass them the first time.
Do things right the first time
Our people have known each other for years and they care about each other.
So every step of the way, people do their job right and on time to not let down their teammates who follow them.
Stick to the plan
We start work early and leave late. We never waste time and move from one milestone to milestone as scheduled
Fair prices and reasonable rates
Good planing
We thoroughly plan our work to avoid surprise jobs, which cause surprise price hikes. We purchase supplies ahead of time at the best possible price.
Outstanding suppliers
We build and remodel a lot, so we buy a lot of supplies and get outstanding discounts from suppliers who have known us for years.
Great team
Our people do not waste time. They are extra professional and efficient. They work every day and never sit still when we are on site, so they make unreasonable money at reasonable rates.
Our advantages
Easy to work with
We are flexible, fast, responsive. We are easy to talk to and pleasure to work with.
One stop contractor
We handle all the permits, supplies and jobs to complete your project.
Budget control
We provide accurate and clear estimates. Rare unexpected jobs are reasonably priced and subject to your approval.
Right on time
We start and finish projects on time. We schedule thoroughly and work hard to stick to the schedule.
Warranty that lasts
We have been in business for 22 years and plan to stick around for a few decades. So if anything happens, we will be around to fix it.
We do things right, because we rely on our customers' referrals, and we don't like warranty calls. So we do things right the first time.
Our customers love us.
But don't take our word for it. Here is what people say
"the quality work was very good and the speed was also outstanding, I NEVER had to check if there were workers on site. These people don't waste time, they get their work done fast and they know their way around San Francisco building department ridiculous rules.."
Ignazio L
12 Dec 2017
"Ilya and his team are great. Flexible, fast, responsive and they just do really good quality work. Ilya is really easy to get a hold of, helpful and you never have to worry about workers not showing up, or not moving fast enough, or doing sloppy work."
Margaret F
01 Jan 2018
"I have been a luxury real estate broker for 30 years, both in Manhattan and now in San Francisco- Ive never experienced such a quality company at such reasonable rates. I call Ilya for everything-no matter how small or large."
Don D.
05 Nov 2014
"...did a lot of different big and small jobs for me then including electrical, flooring, painting ,etc. Everything was done on time and with high quality. I was very happy to stay in my budget. Don't hesitate to call Ilya!"
Natasha R.
22 Jul 2015
223 permitted projects are finished.
14 projects are in progress.
Take a look at some recent works.
I am truly passionate about construction and development. I love what I do. I respect and rely on my team. And I am happy when our customers are surprised how seamless and fast construction may be.
Ilya, CEO of Reliable Construction
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